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Refresh Your Bedroom with Textiles

Once you’ve built the bed of your dreams: the right frame, mattress, pillows, and quilt – it’s time to dress it up to suit your tastes.  Maybe you’re just looking for a quick change – a refresh.  Some way to give your favorite space a new look without having to start from scratch.  Textiles can make the visual change you want, without the impact on your wallet.

A bright, clean, and fresh bedroom can invigorate or relax.

Color:  As a general rule, the color(s) you choose for your bedroom should be calming and soothing.  However, one man’s pale blue is another’s teal.  It’s all about taste and choice.  Choosing a solid color in your bedding or rug will make the pieces more versatile, and will allow you to use those pieces to “anchor” any other fabric choices you make. Check out our textile selection for some inspiration!

Artwork/DécorWall art comes in all shapes and sizes.  A reproduction of a fine art master, a painting from a local artist, or even a collage of family photographs.  Let what you choose tell a story about you, or speak to you.  After all, you’re not decorating this space for anyone else.

Classic, and classy. This sophisticated setting is right for reading or resting.

Windows:  Function is important when choosing window treatments, especially if you find yourself sleeping in far past the sun’s arrival.  However, a combination of blinds and curtains will give you the practicality you need, with the artistic freedom that you want.  Choose sheers for a light, breezy look; choose saturated drapery fabric for a dramatic feel.  It’s all up to you!

Bedding:  Don’t be afraid to mix and match!  If you choose a base piece in a solid color, you are free to combine patterns and neutrals in pillow cases, throws, and cushions.  Don’t feel limited by a “bed-in-the-bag” collection – branch out!  Duvet cover sets allow you to easily switch the look of your bedding (with the added bonus of being much easier to wash than a whole comforter!)

A pop of color, bold patterns, and a variety of textures
bring a piece of personality into your bedroom.

Your bedroom may be the most important room of your home.  You start every day there.  You end every day there.  It’s your sanctuary, your cocoon, your hideaway.  It’s important that it feels comfortable, as well as comforting!



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