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Pick of the Week - Bedroom

This week’s pick is IKEAEric’s soothing, neutral-toned bedroom.

IKEAEric’s bedroom looks like the kind of place I’d like to hole up in after a long, stressful day. Long meetings, city traffic, last minute planning snafus—I get the sense they would all fade away if I could simply chill out for a half hour in this Zen-like sanctuary.

Color plays a huge role in developing the “personality” of a room. Keeping colors limited to neutrals is a good way to create a sense of calm and order, but I think some people shy away from this color scheme for fear of it being boring. IKEAEric skillfully used a few techniques to create a bedroom that’s calm, but not a yawn:

Texture, texture, texture. Even though the colors are limited, the textures are widely varied in the room. This adds a lot of visual interest without jeopardizing the feeling of calm. Notice the shiny curtains, the reflective surfaces of the mirrors and dresser fronts, and the matte texture of the walls and bed linens. All combine to create just enough variety to keep things from getting dull.

Limited use of patterns. IKEAEric used just enough patterns to add interest in the room, but kept them restrained in order to maintain the calm. The bright white duvet cover has a simple, yet defined, stitching pattern in deep brown, which is repeated in the cute neck-roll pillow. The chocolate–brown shams have a subtle diamond-shaped pattern, also created by stitching. The small IKEA PS STOCKHOLM chair has the most defined pattern within the room, but its smaller scale keeps things low-key.

Formal elements. More formal rooms have a tendency to seem calmer. IKEAEric used formal, symmetrical balance, particularly around the bed—the room’s focal point. Shelves, lamps, MALM nightstands and artwork are a mirror image on each side. And I can just make out a reflection of an elegant crystal chandelier in the glass PAX doors.
Minimal clutter
. Smaller, decorative items are kept to a minimum. The PAX unit to the side of the bed provides extra storage to keep clothing and other items out of sight. I really like the way the HOPEN chest glass drawer fronts repeat the glass doors of the PAX FEVIK wardrobe.

Thanks for showing us how, IKEAEric!

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