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Pick of the Week - Work Space

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce Lisa Walker Clark’s workspace, as Pick of the Week!

Lisa’s thought behind this creating this room:

"I needed a place to store and use my craft supplies for scrapbooking and paper crafts. I wanted it bright and functional."

Lisa certainly did create a very unique craft room, by using IKEA kitchen cabinets, a kitchen island and bookcase. Lisa thought outside of the box.  She took products commonly used in one area of the home, and repurposed them to suit her needs. Smart cookie!

Lisa completely maximized the storage potential of this space, by using not only AKURUM base cabinets, but wall cabs as well. She maximized further, by working her desk area, right into the cabinet configuration. All that VÄRDE butcher block countertop, gives Lisa a sturdy surface to spread out and create on, in addition to the table in the center of the room. The STENSTORP island provides additional storage below as well, which in a craft room, you can never have enough of!
Here on another wall, Lisa made use of ordinary BYGEL rails, in a clever way as you can see. When shopping for and planning a room, try to stretch your imagination to see the hidden potential in products, like Lisa has done.

On this side of the room, Lisa took an ordinary LIATORP bookcase, and turned it into a supply closet extraordinaire! Everything is neatly stored and organized in clear, glass BURKEN canisters and RAJTAN spice jars. (perfect example of a product with dual potential) The open front of the bookcase, gives Lisa easy access to the things she uses the most.

Lastly, I have to comment on the window treatment. How clever Lisa was in using her crafting ribbons as a curtain valance, which really puts a personal creative touch to the space. Great job Lisa, and congratulations on being IKEA’s Pick-of-the-Week!

Please everyone, submit your spaces to us for review! Be it a small, quick room update, or larger remodel project. We’d love to see them all! And who knows, you may be the next Pick-of-the-Week yourself ;-)


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  • Thanks for the honor of being featured! I've since added paper storage inside the closet. I used Akrum upper cabinet base only (size 15x39"), tap shelf pegs (visit the spare parts rack) into each and every shelf hole (28 shelves x 4 pegs), THEN build the shelves and add casters to the bottom of the cabinet/frame. I had the local hardware store cut a piece of shower board/paneling (1/8"x4'x8' panels) into 11 1/2"x13 3/8." I was able to get 28 shelves from 1 panel. Perfect for 12x12 paper.

    By Lisa Walker Clark on 4/23/2012 flag

  • I have been struggling to find storage suitable for office space. I have asked Ikea employees before about using the akurum base cabinets w/ drawers and if they were able to be used as filing drawers. Since I am several thousand miles away from the nearest ikea store, I am dying to know what you are using those deep drawers akurum for!!

    By ak907 on 4/23/2012 flag

  • Hi AK907, I checked into the kitchen cabinet question for you. Unfortunately the draws are not deep enough to be used as filing drawers. But our EFFEKTIV series is known for home office filing storage, here's the link: ries/departments/workspaces/11688/

    By Katy Lee on 4/25/2012 flag

  • Bummer :( I also just learned that the EFFEKTIV line is being discontinued, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a fabulous new line. Thank you!!

    By ak907 on 4/26/2012 flag

  • Yes, AK907, the drawers aren't deep enough. They lack about 3/4 inch. I fill mine with an extensive rubber stamp collection, stored in clamshell boxes. Another of my deep drawers holds felt (though that was never planned, it did fit there nicely). I have one Effectiv drawer set on wheels under the window and it has one file drawer. The rest of our files are stored in my husband's office. And be sure to take advantage of all the cabinet organizers and drawer dividers they offer.

    By Lisa Walker Clark on 4/26/2012 flag