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A “Design Star” Gets Organized! - Before and After

BEFORE: (Above photos)

Emily’s home office was in a state of disarray.  It was an unfocused mish-mash of books, collections, vintage finds, and office materials needing a home and wanting organization.  There are built-in cabinets in the room, but they’re not up to the task of organizing Emily’s things.  She has vintage furniture and accessories she wants to keep in this room, but she looked to IKEA to help with her lack of storage and organization.  So, we got to work, and…

Now Emily’s office is organized and functional, but warm and inviting.  Everything that was busting out of the previous built-ins and piled on the floor is now housed neatly in floor to ceiling cabinets (PAX wardrobes) that look like they could have been built-in as they maximize the space so well (remember that tip about taking measurements?).

Organizing Emily:
It’s a challenge to get organized, but more of a challenge to stay organized!  It may take some time to plan out how a space will be organized, but getting off on the right foot will save lots of time when it comes to keeping a room in order, especially one that has to work as efficiently as a home office.  This was our approach to organizing Emily’s things:

  • Place least used things, like her collection of vintage ceramics, on the top shelves.
  • Reserve the middle, easy to reach shelves, for most frequently used materials.   
    - SAMLA clear bins were used for everyday items, like desk supplies, that she’d need to access quickly.  Being able to see through also allows her to keep inventory.                                                                                                   
    KVARNVIK pretty covered boxes house unsightly things like cords and adapters that aren’t used as regularly, but still need to be within reach.                                                                      
    KOMPLEMENT pull out wire drawers store things Emily reaches for all the time, but don’t fit as neatly into a box or bin.
  • Place the heaviest items on the bottom.                                                                                   
    KNUFF file boxes keep Emily’s collection of décor magazine neat and in good condition.  When full, they’re pretty heavy, so they’re safest to access from the below.

With the storage units taking up the whole wall on one side and a room of windows and doors, there was no room for a mood board to inspire Emily’s many different decorating and styling projects.  To solve that challenge, the PAX FARDEL high-gloss white doors, which were a perfect match for the desk, were cleverly transformed into giant mood boards for Emily to tape up all the things that strike her fancy and inform her style.

Isn’t that cool?

A design star gets organized with IKEA, and the result is a home office that is full of style and personality, but is up to the challenge of the everyday work that happens there.

Emily’s office was the clutter zone in her home.  What’s yours?


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  • That's lovely--especially turning the doors into inspiration boards! And I think you took care of one of the most important aspects of staying organized: making sure that there are places for things to go, and that they're intuitively arranged. (Re your question: I don't have one, but I'm strange that way...)

    By Lorin on 6/17/2012 flag

  • Love the door knobs! It adds so much personality. I feel Emily's pain I too have too much clutter mostly b/c I live in a small apartment the most clutter is my living room/ kitchen which is in the same space.

    By HKT215 on 6/18/2012 flag