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Pick of the Week - Children's

This week’s pick is Rosandra Ferri’s wildly creative fire truck bed.

We LOVE when our customers show us their creativity with IKEA products! Rosandra Ferri did just that when she transformed a simple “reversible” loft bed into a fun and playful fire truck for her son.
As you can see, the KURA reversible loft bed is a simple unit that can be used in the lower setting for a younger child, or “reversed” to create a loft bed as the child gets a bit older. Loft beds are terrific for creating a little extra space since they make use of the vertical area within the room - a basic principle for maximizing space. This opens up the area underneath the bed for extra seating, storage or a work area. As long as there is sufficient height overhead to accommodate a loft bed, it’s often a smart choice where space is at a premium.

Rosandra Ferri started with the loft in the higher setting, and let her imagination run wild. We asked her how she did it and she replied, "My husband and I have added some plywood to create the door and the window, we set on the wheels of an old toy car and painted in red, gray and white on different parts of the truck.  We then decorated the bed with a little fire extinguisher, flashlights on the top, a garden house and some stickers.  Finally we painted all over the wall a skyline with bright acrylic colors and in the sky we made the IKEA sun shine!"
I love the little town that’s been created above the bed, and the way the colors in the sheets echo the colors peeking through the side windows.

Paint is a great way to customize and personalize many products. While IKEA never recommends customizing products in any way that will compromise the structural integrity of the item, we know that many of our customers enjoy making cosmetic changes, as with paint, in order to express their own style. However, with all children’s products, safety must be the number one consideration.  In a project of this kind, the paint must be non-toxic and any accessories should be securely attached to the structure in order to avoid any possible hazard.

Have YOU customized your IKEA furniture? We’d love to see it on Share Space!


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