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Pick of the Week - Bedroom

This week’s pick is Ellen’s surfing-themed bedroom!

The first thing that Ellen says about the room on sharespace is that her son is the mastermind behind the design, and orchestrated everything from the color scheme to the furniture assembly. As Ellen states, “I wish I could take credit for the design, my son did it all, right down to the color of the walls and assembling the furniture."

Although it’s apparent that Ellen’s son is not a youngster, this demonstrates how important it is to involve children in the choices related to their bedroom designs. The bedroom is the one space in a home that is truly theirs, even if it’s shared, and helping to plan the design is a good way to help develop a sense of ownership for their space and organize their processions.

Bedrooms are also a great way for children to express their interests, hobbies and passions. I think it’s clear from this bedroom that surfing and the ocean are a huge part of this guy’s life. He’s recreated the serene feeling of sea and sand by combining the cool and refreshing colors of white and blue, and added the STOCKHOLM throw at the bottom of the bed for a touch of sandy beige. The PJÄTTERYD and PREMIÄR art prints which highlight ocean and surfing scenes, create a strong focal point upon entering the room and are the first thing he sees when waking in the morning. The little bamboo plants by the wave print allude to tropical trees, and I’ll bet anything there are ocean sounds coming from the speakers in-between those swaying palms!

The rest of the furnishings are low, white and symmetrically balanced, contributing to the feeling of calm.

Nicely done, dude!


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