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Pick of the Week - Kitchen

This week’s pick is Sbolour’s sleek and modern kitchen, with its nod to industrial style.

Industrial style has been popular since the 60s, starting with the trend in urban areas to repurpose industrial spaces into residences and workspaces. Artists looking for large, open areas to both work and live were the primary drivers of the style. Since then, industrial style has made its way into the consciousness of the general public. Elements include exposed ductwork, rough brick walls, reclaimed wood and large-scale stainless steel fixtures. This unaffected, slightly gritty feel invokes an easy, urban style.


The nice thing about industrial style is that it doesn’t need to be an all or nothing proposition. Sbolour’s revamped kitchen is a good example of a sleeker, more contemporary version of the style. In the “before” photos, you can see he has retained the existing subway tiles—typical of industrial style—and added the large steel range hood. The power lines were left intact and exposed and even the sink faucet has the feel of the type used in a large commercial kitchen.
Sbolour combined those materials with others more modern in feel, such as the sleek AKURUM cabinets with ABSTRAKT doors in glossy gray and bright turquoise. The remainder of the kitchen is open and uncluttered, right down to the simple floor treatment with an unexpected accent of orange tile work and the uncovered casement-style windows. In fact, Sbolour used the windows as inspiration: “…Industrial look inspired by existing kitchen and existing metal casement windows with lots of natural light in the kitchen, my plan was to keep the existing window structure throughout the entire kitchen gut."

It worked! Beautiful job, Sbolour!


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  • If I figure out how to order the blue cabinet doors, I'm sold!

    By ejmetz on 11/10/2012 flag