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Pick of the Week - Workspace

This week’s pick is KShearer’s relaxing company break room.

Sometimes, you just need to escape your work day, if only just for a few moments. Short breaks make a huge difference in productivity and in reducing mental and physical fatigue. In fact, has this to say about the many benefits of taking several 5-15 minute breaks throughout the day.

Small breaks throughout the work day can result in:

1. Increased productivity and efficiency - you will actually get more done at work if you take breaks than if you take none at all.

2. Lowered blood pressure - the Mayo clinic recommends taking breaks for deep-breathing exercises.

3. Reduced stress - studies show that just a few minutes away from your computer significantly lowers stress, which will make your immune system happy.

4. Decreased chance of getting heart disease - work stress has been linked to heart disease, and taking frequent breaks alleviates stress.

5. Increased energy levels - some studies indicate that a short cat nap or walk around the block is more effective than a shot of espresso.

6. Reduced chance of getting Repetitive Stress Syndrome - the more often you allow yourself to get up and stretch, the less likely you are to get carpal or worse.

7. Reduced eye strain - give your eyes something else to focus on besides your computer screen.

Obviously, there’s a lot to be gained by periodically getting up from the desk, and Kshearer’s employees are lucky to have a spot designed specifically for this purpose. What I like about this space is that it’s relaxing, but also adaptable.

The compact FUSION table and chairs are great space savers and provide a comfortable spot for a cup of coffee or to enjoy a lunch from home. The blackboard on the side wall is a clever idea, since inspiration often comes while casually chatting with colleagues. I can imagine small, casual meetings being held in one of these cozy spots.

The EXPEDIT shelving unit is a good choice for storing reference or leisure reading materials. I like it because it can easily be converted into a room divider, should the need arise.
And of course, it wouldn’t be a true break room without a special spot for all things coffee. The HEMNES side table not only provides a spot for the coffee makers, but also for coffee, filters and condiments in the shelves underneath. The GRUNDTAL rail system creates an efficient way to store additional cups and supplies.

I feel more relaxed and productive already! Well done, Kshearer!


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