Just about 10 years ago, I suddenly developed a love for modern art, including street art. I was finding that what was going on in the streets, was more interesting, creative, interactive and exciting, than a lot of what I was seeing in galleries and museums at the time.

Street art has really evolved into so many things. It’s not just about ‘tagging’. It’s stenciling, like the often politically controversial Banksy, the knit wit of Olek, or the ‘little people’ projects of Slinkachu. But whatever the view points or agendas of the artists, it’s all about being creative and expressing yourself.

I’ve put together a photo montage of some IKEA products, that can help you to recreate the same ‘street’ look in your own space. And below that, I have featured some other products, that you can go about transforming yourself, giving them your own personal touch. Whether it’s a living room, game room, office or dorm, fun and fresh is what it’s all about!

(Products, left to right/top to bottom)

1. EIVOR queen quilt cover, $19.99 

2. JULITA fabric, $5.99 per yard 

3. IKEA PS 2012 drawers, set of four, $44.99 

4. IKEA PS 2012 easy chair, $149.00

5. FERLE rug, $29.99 

6. EIVOR cushion, $9.99

7. IKEA PS 2012 picture, $39.99 

8. IKEA PS 2012 sofa, $899.00

9. ALEX rolling drawer unit, $119.00

10. LACK ‘love’ side table, $14.99 

11. VILSHULT framed art, $49.99 

12. LACK ‘gullvi’ side table, $14.99



 REGOLIT paper lamp shade, $4.99         

KNUFF magazine files, set of two, $9.99       BEHANDLA wax polish, $6.99

PRÄNT storage box, $12.99

TARVA 3 drawer dresser, $79.99

TARVA 6 drawer dresser, $149.99

IVAR combination, $237.00


I will have a follow-up post to this one, on crafting and creating with fabrics, so stay tuned…..



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  • Very inspiring! I love the TARVA, and the REGOLIT!

    By tval81 on 9/14/2012 flag

  • This is great stuff, would work really well for kids rooms. It gives me alot of new ideas!

    By judijake on 9/14/2012 flag

  • I love the yarn on the desk legs...in Philly I've seen trees wrapped w/ knitting. I have also decided that my next IKEA purchase will be TARVA :)

    By electriclucy on 9/14/2012 flag

  • thanks for your comments everyone! glad your excited about D.I.Y.!

    By Christine Soner on 9/17/2012 flag

  • I love the Tarva too! I've been wanting to buy and paint but I haven't been able to decide how just yet. Plenty of inspiration here!

    By PageM on 9/18/2012 flag

  • that's the beauty of IKEA furniture, just have to think outside the box ;)

    By Raquel Marques on 9/19/2012 flag

  • I love those DIY projects - has me thinking about cool things I can do for my daughter's room.

    By Michelle Fiddler on 9/19/2012 flag

  • LOVE this! I too have become more aware of all the art around me in nature as well as in the streets, on buildings. etc. I am really diggin' the Tarva union jack chest and the 6 drawer chest idea as well. Great ways to make a mass produced product really unique and one of a kind!

    By drp30 on 10/18/2012 flag