This week’s pick is Sheri’s well organized craft room!

Trying to organize a craft space can be notoriously challenging. There is a lot of small, odd shaped stuff, and it all has to go somewhere. It also needs to be close to hand to encourage grabbing a moment here and there to work on an ongoing project.

I think Sheri solved this issue in a good way by using open shelving, but keeping materials contained in boxes and containers. What makes this work so well is that she’s used a consistent color scheme of black and white, which keeps things looking streamlined and uncluttered. Black and white also is a nice background for a number of different accent colors, in this case purple. 

The EXPEDIT shelves are a smart choice, because it comes in different sizes and can be changed around as her needs and projects change. Using the lower height in the shelving also creates a ledge for displaying treasured items or a works in progress.

Kudos, Sheri!


#expedit #shelves #workspace

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  • Working slow like a snail to get my office, artstudio, craft space to look like this! Love the shelving, neat and full of design. You inspire me. I especially like that it can be changed around as your needs and projects change. That's me to a "T". I have so many interests. I will concentrate on a few at a time. So I need something as flexable as I am creatively minded.

    By ramblenrose777 on 9/27/2011 flag