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Pick of the Week - Cozy Living

This week’s pick is Kelly S.’s cozy and functional living room!

The living room has evolved over the years, moving away from the very formal room reserved for company and special occasions toward a more practical room used by the family every day.

This is how Kelly S. uses her cozy space. As she says in her post:

"Having four kids, I wanted to have the ability to store books and games, yet still maintain a clean/comfortable appearance. The coffee table is big enough to eat pizza on for Family Movie Night and rolls out of the way for room to play!"

Kelly S. accomplished her goal to have a comfortable, yet hard working, room by making some smart choices:

First, she selected a wheeled coffee table—perfect as a dining spot for casual family meals, yet easily rolled out of the way when more floor space is needed for play. Another smart feature of the table is the built-in storage underneath, which keeps games and books close by, but neatly stored and organized.

The two BILLY bookcases flanking either side of the window are also good choices for storage needs. The door style keeps clutter out of sight on the bottom half of the bookcase, but allows books and other items to be visible,  yet dust free, behind the clear glass doors on the top.

There’s enough seating in the room to accommodate a large family on Movie night, but also smaller nooks created by the pair of TULLSTA chairs and the POÄNG rocking chair on either side of the KIVIK couch, lit by ALÄNG lamps. This allows for other activities, like reading or web surfing, to go on simultaneously. And the slip covered upholstery is a great choice when a piece of that pizza lands face down—which it always seems to do.

Get the look with:

I love how Kelly has created a casual yet traditional feel by using a warm, neutral wall color, matchstick blinds and floral print curtains. It’s a perfect example of how IKEA furniture can be personalized to create a wide range of styles, not simply contemporary or modern.

Enjoy your cozy space, Kelly S! Nicely done!

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