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It's National Home Improvement Month!

Feel like you just don’t have enough space for all of your stuff?  Is clutter a cause of stress in your home?  If you said yes, you’re not alone.  64% of Americans aren’t satisfied with the amount of storage space in their home[1].  But, 80% of clutter is really due to disorganization, not lack of space[2].  So, in the spirit of celebrating National Home Improvement Month and National Moving Month, let’s focus on the thing that most Americans feel would improve their life at home - ORGANIZATION!

The average American burns 55 minutes a day looking for things, while eliminating clutter reduces an average of 40% of housework[3]

It may take some time to get organized, but it pays off.  Start simple:

  • At least once a year, stop and take inventory of the things you’re storing, whether it’s in closets and drawers, kitchen cupboards, or on bookshelves.  It helps to keep things organized and stop the endless searches for things, if you know what you have.

25% of the clothing in our closets goes unworn[4].

  • And that’s probably because we either have no idea what’s in there, it doesn’t fit and will never fit, or we don’t really like it but we keep it anyway.  If you don’t wear it, donate it!
  • Design your clothing storage so that it allows you to see what you have.  Folded items like jeans and sweaters are best kept on shelves where you can see each piece.  Save drawers for things like undergarments, socks and accessories that can be kept neat with drawer organizers, like the KOMPLEMENT storage with compartments or the SKUBB set of 6 inserts.

Nearly 50% of the world’s kitchens have a junk drawer[5].

  • There’s a reason it’s called a junk drawer!  If it’s broken, missing pieces, can’t be fixed, and is otherwise useless, get rid of it.  If you’re reluctant to throw things away, check with your local recycling services about recycling or with local charities about what kinds of things they can use.
  • For the things that are useful, group them together by task, office supplies with office supplies; kitchen gadgets with kitchen gadgets.  When you really look through the drawer, it’s really not as “miscellaneous” as you think.  Then you can move those things into the right storage containers or separate them into drawers with divided inserts like the RATIONELL drawer divider or VARIERA bins.

And there’s nothing like moving to show you just how much stuff you have!  Check out for tips on organizing that transition from old place to new.

Our Behind Closed Doors graphic is filled lots of fun facts and figures about the state of organization, or lack thereof, in American homes.  Where do you see yourself in these numbers? 



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