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Pick of the Week - Contemporary Living

This week’s pick is Natandboss’ crisp and contemporary red and black living room.

I once had a much admired art teacher tell me, “Limits can inspire creativity.” Natandboss’ living room is a great example of this premise; that incorporating a very limited color palette of red, black and white creates a living space that is functional, inviting yet strongly highlighted by graphic elements.

Red is a powerful color, and creates a feeling of warmth, sensuality and power. Too much of this color might have been overpowering, but by using the color judiciously in chairs, rugs and accent pieces, it plays a strong role in the color scheme, but doesn’t take over.
Mixing patterns can be a challenge for many people, but here, it’s done well. The trick is to keep the colors limited, and vary the scale of the pattern. The large scale of the red, black and white rug makes a dramatic focal point in the center of the room, while the black and white pattern of the KAJSAMIA curtains echoes the theme in a smaller scale and with a more neutral feel.  The quirky VILSHULT street style picture incorporates all the colors within the room and uses the iconic Mona Lisa image as a critical visual.

The KLUBBO coffee table and BESTÅ BURS TV unit provide simple, clean lines that work perfectly in the room and allow the textiles to take center stage in the overall plan.

Accessories like small rugs, pillows, bar stools and candles repeat the bold red color and pull everything together.

Nicely done, Natandboss!

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