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Pick of the Week - Shared Kid's Space

Not all children have the luxury of having their own room. Growing up, my younger brother and I shared a room for a few years. This taught me the value of personal space and how to compromise. Sharing a room can bring siblings closer…or create a war zone. That’s why it’s important to give them their individual space.

In a shared room bunk beds are not always the solution. Separating the beds like JuliannaB did, gives each child their own living space. By not closing in the area all the way to the ceiling, the space feels more open and gives the illusion of a larger room.  
Storage is really important in any kid’s room. The chest of drawers is not only utilized for this purpose but it also acts like a divider between the beds. Using under bed storage keeps toys out of sight and the room clutter free.

This is how you can get the look:

- MINNEN bed frame $ 149.00 (also comes in black).  This bed is extendable and the length can be adjustable as the child grows taller; 49”-76”
- FABLER bed canopy $19.99
- HEMNES 3 drawer dresser $199.00
- MAMMUT stool used as a side table or extra seating $7.99
- TORVA curtains with tie-backs $29.99
- BARNSLIG RAND duvet cover and pillowcase $24.99

Here are some other inspirational pictures I found in the IKEA library showing how you can use the MINNEN beds in a room with two children and still give them their own space.

You can easily divide a space by using different wallpapers or paining the room in different colors that coordinate with each other.
Sometimes siblings have different tastes when it comes to patterns and colors. Let your children choose their own bedding, making them feel like they can express their personal style.

Even though sharing a room with my brother was challenging at times, it left me with some fun memories.

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