The 4th is almost here! Like most Americans, I love this summer holiday and celebrate US independence with a big BBQ, fireworks and lots of friends. I also love a red, white and blue color scheme, regardless of the holiday. It’s crisp, bright and clean; a perfect foil for hot summer days.

The room above is a good example of how using neutral colors in the major upholstered pieces create a room that’s easy to adapt to your mood or time of year. Just swapping out the smaller textiles like the rug, curtains and accessories can make an easy quick change.

This principal works all through the house. Keep your bed linens mostly white, and just use red in the sheet and pillows for a bright new look. Add in a touch of blue in a lampshade, throw pillow or small area rug and you can easily achieve the same look.

If you’re not ready for a whole room of red, white and blue and just want to pull out the stops for the big 4th of July party, here are a few products to help get the look:

It’s easy to get creative with inexpensive dishware, napkins and lanterns!

Want to see more red, white and blue home inspiration? Check out our boards on Pinterest>>




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