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Pick of the Week - Updated Classic Library

Posted by JStockdale on July 01, 2013

This library, created by Patti calls to mind a classic library with built in bookcases, yet it is brought up to date by the use of bright colors and fun patterns. The BILLY and BENO Series are designed to work together in any space to achieve the look of custom built-in bookcases. The HEMNES TV Bench completes the look by providing a cozy window seat.

This room also serves as an office and a guest room. The EXPEDIT workstation, divides the workspace off for a quiet area and the BEDDINGE RESMO sofa bed offers a place to relax and read and an extra bed for guests.

Cozy patterns and deep colors unite the spaces and give a serene and warm feel to the room. Overhead spot lighting provides bright light for work, while the MINUT wall lamp provides a more mellow light for relaxing with a favorite book.

Some inspiration to get the look:

- BILLY bookcase series
- HEMNES TV unit
- ELVILDA cushion cover brown/multi
- AKERKULLA cushion cover gray/white
- GRANAT cushion in lilac
- KLABB table lamp

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Thanks Patti for sharing your colorful library with us!

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