This week’s pick is FlyCasual’s multipurpose living room!

Wow, there’s a lot going on in this room! Eating, relaxing, reading, conversing and mixing up a few cocktails, are just a few of the activities I see happening here.

But what’s nice about the space is that, for all the purposes the room serves, nothing seems crowded, cluttered or out of place. The areas are open, yet clearly defined.

FlyCasual employed a number of useful design principles to make the open floor plan work this well. For example, the furnishings are fairly neutral, but with a nice balance of dark and light materials, which keep the space from looking too uniform. He defined the space for the dining area with an area rug, and for the seating area by turning the back of the couch to the dining space.

The skillful use of accessories make the room feel personal and inviting without being crowded. I also like how he included small sculptures and funky lighting high up in the rafters - a space often ignored when decorating a room with high ceilings.



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