This week’s pick is a little girl’s bedroom by MarthaB.

I love this room because it tells a special story. Martha is waiting for the arrival of her adopted daughter, (you can read more about Frances Jane on Martha’s blog) and has decorated the room to make it cozy, secure and inviting.

Martha updated the dark, knotty pine paneling by painting it white and kept the main furnishings in the room neutral. This creates a simple background which allows the colorful accessories to take center stage. Another great thing about keeping the basic palette neutral is that the room can be easily redecorated with textiles and accessories as the child grows; a practical and budget conscious strategy.

On the top image, the POÄNG chair next to the HEMNES table with a lamp is the perfect spot for reading bedtime stories or rocking a little girl off to sleep. The colorful throw repeats the accent colors used throughout the room. Adjacent to the chair, Martha created a small nook to store and display books and vintage toys in the photo below.

But my favorite part of the room is the wall display; wall art can be so much more than just prints and photos!  Martha makes good use of radial symmetry; by organizing the items like spokes of a wheel around a center hub. This keeps the collection of special items looking organized.  For example, she’s placed a collection of vintage Chinese flashcards, celebrating Frances’ Chinese heritage, in the very center of the collection.  Other items displayed include Japanese textiles and even a small dress, waiting for its new owner.

MarthaB’s space proves that a room is more than just a collection of furnishings; it can be a special place with an important role to play. In this case, Martha created a secure, happy environment for a little girl coming home after a long journey. Congratulations and good luck to the whole family on your new adventure!


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  • Janice, thank you so much for featuring our daughter's room. This was such a special project for us and your write-up perfectly captures how much love we put into this space :)

    By MarthaB on 9/13/2011 flag

  • Thank YOU for sharing your story with us, Martha! I'm sure she'll be so happy in this beautiful room.

    By Janice Simonsen on 9/14/2011 flag

  • So sorry but that knotty pine does not look white. It looks taupe with white trim to me. Adorable room and congratulations on your new baby girl :)

    By Raboom1 on 9/18/2011 flag

  •'re right. I meant to say "light", not "white". And yes, It IS adorable!

    By Janice Simonsen on 9/19/2011 flag

  • Adorable room!!! Question... where did you get those wall ledges/shelves for the books to be displayed? I would love to know!

    By kjsgjsjcs on 9/21/2011 flag

  • Those are Ribba picture ledges that we have her books displayed on :) I hadn't seen them at our local Ikea in a while but while there last weekend noticed they were back in stock.

    By MarthaB on 10/1/2011 flag

  • GORGEOUS room! Congratulations on your new baby girl!!! ;-)

    By ppassion on 2/1/2012 flag

  • Cute little room! Very creative. SO in love with the uniqueness.

    By Christina Egner on 4/20/2013 flag