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IKEA has revitalized one of our most popular products; EXPEDIT and renamed it KALLAX.

We saw the need to ‘clean up’ EXPEDIT by updating the design. One of the main differences of this change includes changing the dimensions of the frame making it thinner and giving it a more scratch-resistance surface creating a child friendly product. The KALLAX family has new colors including light green and light pink catering to the younger generation.

Like EXPEDIT, KALLAX has a contemporary design with the same open storage that gives you an option to add interior solutions. KALLAX still fits our existing storage baskets and boxes just like EXPEDIT.

  • KALLAX can be fitted with door inserts, boxes, baskets, lighting and castors which are sold separately.
  • You can use KALLAX as a room divider because it looks good from every angle.
  • The insert looks nice in a room divider as the back has also been finished.
  • Can be wall mounted.
  • Choose whether you want to place it vertically or horizontally to use it as a shelf or a sideboard.

KALLAX can be an excellent choice for your home office or your business. 

KALLAX is incredibly versatile; stack it, mount it, put casters on it, use it as a room divider or for your business display… the options are endless!

We know many fans are very fond of EXPEDIT, but think of it as your favorite band getting back together, but changing their name. The EXPEDIT shelving unit is evolving into KALLAX – a shelving unit with a sleek, new design that is more durable, more child-friendly, and still fits all existing storage baskets, boxes and your favorite records. What are some ways you use your KALLAX? Share your ideas with us on Share Space.


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  • Hi, what casters would you recommend for a Kallax 2 X 4 shelving unit? The old Expedit casters are wider than the Kallax (18 7/8 " vs. 15 3/8 "). Thanks.

    By Silvasonic on 5/22/2014 flag