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Summer Entertainment Outdoors

Summer and vacation days are right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family!

Bask in the sunshine with lots of bright textiles, personalized place settings and some quirky final touches. Take a look at our simple (and beautiful) decoration ideas to create a festive party atmosphere.

Summer Decor Tips & DIY Ideas:

- A colorful umbrella roof provides a little shade from the sunshine as well as gives a magical decorative effect.

- With a lick of blackboard paint, ENSIDIG vase turns into creative personalized drinks for each guest.

- Cut fabric doesn’t just serve as an easy table cover - combined with a fresh-picked flower, it works great as a napkin and personal cutlery holder.

- Bright colored textiles can be used to make everything from place mats to cutlery holders, perfect for making eye-catching place settings. 

- A mixture of vases, bottles and candleholders combined with some fresh picked flowers give the table a bright and whimsical look. For an unique center piece, try placing fresh fruit slices in the container.

- Whether it’s menu plans, a welcome note or a toast to the summer, TOLSBY frame gets the message across and gives a decorative effect.

What are YOUR creative ideas for outdoor summer entertaining?

Need more inspiration? Check out more IKEA summer ideas on our Pinterest boards>>


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  • How are the umbrellas held up? I can get an idea, but I'd like to know more; it would be said if they came down during lunch! :(

    By Louise on 6/5/2014 flag