Last Saturday, I attended the O YOU! event held at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta, Georgia. I was excited as IKEA was one of the major sponsors for this event and I would get to attend the seminars by distinguished O experts and talents.  The conference was setup with sponsor stations and I couldn’t help but notice all the nicely placed white furniture namely good ol’ BILLY bookcases and KIVIK sofas.

Below are photos of where they were showcased:

-O staff enjoying our KIVIK sofas

- BILLY bookcases holding O experts' books at the book signing station

- The IKEA planning station where fans can use our online home furnishing planners

O YOU! was a full day event on how to live your best life.  It was definitely a day of learning and inspiration. With 5,000 attendees I thought it would be super crowded, long lines and disgruntled fans.  But it was actually the opposite, the conference center was spacious and fans were nice and chatting to other fans as they all have a common bond of loving all things Oprah.  I know at IKEA we emphasize that life improvement starts from the home and it was good attending these seminars and having O experts giving great advice on home life and how it starts with you.

Some memorable quotes and learnings from the event:

Nate Berkus on home decorating:

“Your home should tell the story of who you are.”

"Be a ruthless editor of what you bring into your home."

Peter Walsh on clutter in your home:

"Ask yourself: Does this object create the mood and feeling I want from this space?”

“All clutter is not created equal.”

Oprah on life:

"In making a difference, start in your own house."

"Don't be scared.  All clarity comes from stillness."

"Let passion drive your profession."

My favorite quote from Ms. O: “Your real job is to find that thread of inspiration.”

What's your thread of inspiration? 


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