Few things are as intimidating as a big, bare wall when you're looking to refresh or transform your space.  For some, a large-scale piece of artwork is a great solution.  For others, a more personal and customizable solution is preferred. A photo collage (or combination of photo and art collage) can fill that empty space, while simultaneously telling your story.

One of the simplest ways to unify the look of your collage is to choose frames that are similar in shape or color. This allows the content (photos and/or art) to speak for itself, and avoids having the frames be the focus of the collage.

This collage takes "floor to ceiling" to heart!
Be wary of hanging your frames too
close to the floor if you have
children or pets.

Measuring can be intimidating, but with great
new tools like laser levels, and new systems
for hanging, this project is easily in reach!

Photo collages don't have to be huge, wall-filling statements
either!  A smaller collection brings the theme/topic in focus
(family, a vacation, etc.) and can also give you the freedom
to explore different styles and shapes of frames. Put them in
unexpected places!

Want to see picture frame options that was used in the above photos?  Check them out at here at IKEA.com

*Tips and Tricks: A ledge on the wall makes for a flexible and easy to install solution.  The best thing? It keeps your presentation fresh while lessening wall damage and keeping things on an even keel!


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