The holiday season is fast approaching!  Family and friends, cooking and eating together. The highlight of any entertaining situation is, of course, the company you keep.  But sometimes you want to take it up a notch – make the experience something really special. You aren’t miraculously given more time to prepare, so it’s time to work smarter, not harder.  Here are some simple and beautiful solutions to make your holiday table top-notch this season.

If you like modern-style plate settings, look into the MYNDIG series which
will make any holiday table look classy.

With the holiday festivities, clean up can be quite the hassle. If you are looking for great holiday style but easy to clean up solution check out the SNÖBOLL paper plates and napkins that come in silver or gold.
Double-Duty! Choose bakeware that can double as a beautiful serving piece.  Taking something straight from the oven to the table cuts down on preparation time, and also assures your dish will be hot and ready for the guests to dig in!

Talk about a name that makes sense: SMARTA
serving dish goes from oven to table in a snap.

Put dessert on display! A pre-prepared dessert can double as table decor, and also gives your guest a glimpse of delicious tastes to come.

Cakes, cupcakes, candies... ARV BRÖLLOP cake stand displays them all

Put your pantry to work! Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, in a lovely dish or container, can make a beautiful centerpiece for your celebration.  Plus, once everyone’s gone home it’s quick to put away.  No special purchases necessary.

GOTTIS serving bowl, available in two sizes, dresses up any occasion.
Fill with potpurri, lake stones, or a delicious dessert!

Let your menu be a treat for the eyes as well as the tongue! Nothing wows like a table full of attractive, delicious looking treats. Don’t distract from your hard work with extra frills – let the food do the talking!

Inspiration is everywhere!


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