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Win the IKEA TILLFÄLLE Collection - Limited Edition

Posted by IKEA USA on March 30, 2016

Bold patterns, mixed colors and Scandinavian minimalism. This month, TILLFÄLLE collection gives everyone an opportunity to decorate their home with a unique fusion of Brazilian inspirations and Scandinavian simplicity. Even though there are many similarities between Scandinavian and Brazilian design and architecture, it is the differences in the Brazilian way of life that IKEA wants to celebrate.

The idea for TILLFÄLLE began by looking at our Scandinavian design heritage, questioning how far this style could be stretched.


From larger furniture to smaller accessories, this limited edition collection is easy, fun and full of energy! Mette Nissen, creative leader of TILLFÄLLE, explains:

“Everything in Brazil is a bit more relaxed than what we’re used to in Scandinavia. Sizes are more generous, architecture more extreme and people are more life-affirming.” 

IKEA TILLFÄLLE Collection Sweepstakes:

We always hear from fans that they want to get a piece of the IKEA limited collections so here is your chance in our IKEA TILLFÄLLE Sweepstakes! We created two sets from the collection and you could be a lucky winner.

How to Enter:
- Sign into IKEA Share Space and leave a comment on this page on why you like the new TILLFÄLLE collection.

Two random entries will be selected on April 11, 2016 to win one of the two available collection sets. See the sets below:

TILLFÄLLE Black & White Set #1:

cut fabric (quantity 1)- $14.99                                                                                                      
candle holders (quantity 2) – 2.99 x 2=$5.98                                                                                    
paper napkins 30pk (quantity 1) - $1.99                                                                                                  
ceramic trivet (quantity 1) - $4.99                                                                                                           
salt & pepper (quantity 2) – 4.99 x 2 = $9.98
cork coaster set (quantity 1) - $9.99                                                                                                       
dish towel 3pk (quantity 1) - $5.99                                                                                                          
cork trivet 2pk (quantity 1) - $5.99

Color Set #2:

cut fabric (quantity 1)- $14.99                                                                                                      
candle holders (quantity 2) – 2.99 x 2=$5.98                                                                                    
2x cushion covers (quantity 2)-  5.00 x 2 = $10.00
paper napkins 30pk (quantity 1) - $1.99                                                                                                  
salt & pepper (quantity 2) – 4.99 x 2 = $9.98
cork coaster set (quantity 1) - $9.99                                                                                                       
cork trivet 2pk (quantity 1) - $5.99
side plates (quantity 4) - $2.99 x 4 = $11.96

No Purchase Necessary. Must be U.S. resident and 18 years of age or older to be eligible to enter. Entry period begins at 12:00am ET on March 30, 2016 and ends at 11:59pm ET on April 11, 2016. See full rules here>>

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  • Love love love the fun movement in the patterns of this new Tillfalle Collection :) Hope I win! Thanx

    Posted by Minta Thomson on 3/30/2016 flag

  • I really love the bold colors in this collection. I am already imagining an update to all my sofa pillows and maybe even a shift dress for the late spring! Bravo on the color choices

    Posted by Latifa Jackson on 3/30/2016 flag

  • Thank you so much for designing this series! Iove the patterns and colors in the TILLFÄLLE Color Set #2, and I have a long blank wall where the fabric would make a lovely art piece stretched on a frame! (Plus, who doesn't love those cushion covers & coasters?)

    Posted by Denise Dutton on 3/30/2016 flag

  • Absolutely love this new Tillfalle collection! The bright colours and gorgeous prints are a great introduction to the varied cultures! These new pieces will add a pop of colour to any room of the house! Loving this fusion collection!

    Posted by Priyankam18 on 3/30/2016 flag

  • Outstanding, fresh contemporary look!! Wow!! (My daughter-in-law had the paper napkins out last weekend, and I *loved* the great designs!!) Thank you, IKEA! Pat

    Posted by Pajtr on 3/30/2016 flag

  • The colors of this collection are spectacular. I especially love the tile and rugs. Easy to go on incorporating new worldly designs to the Ikea staples

    Posted by stemme on 3/30/2016 flag

  • The colors and the graphics. I was struck by both - will definitely be getting some new cushion covers. The furniture has a wonderful mid-century feel too!

    Posted by Michael Verhoef on 3/30/2016 flag

  • Love the black and white color scheme, classy looking

    Posted by lcmatsumoto on 3/30/2016 flag