This week’s pick is Mallory Colliflower’s bold and blue bedroom.

A bedroom like Mallory Colliflower’s is a good example why blue is cited as everyone’s favorite color. This is a gorgeous deep-ocean blue in a super saturated hue. It could have been a bit overwhelming, but Mallory made some good choices in the surrounding décor which kept it refreshing and eminently livable.

Every other element in the bedroom is white or neutral, which allows the blue walls to take on the role of superstar. The bright white ASPELUND bed and HEMNES dresser with accessories such as the LACK shelf and DUDERÖ floor lamp provide a crisp contrast against the blue walls, and the interesting shapes of the end table and lights stand out against the deep background. The bed textiles are also in keeping with the white scheme, with the exception of the pillow shams, which subtly reflect the colors found in the map of Italy on the small ledge above the headboard. 

Was some exotic coastal Italian village the inspiration for this bedroom, Mallory?



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  • Thank you so much for featuring my bedroom! What a cool honor! You hit the nail on the head with the inspiration for this room (deep waters of the Italian Mediterranean coast), along with my urge to do something very bold (and scary at first!) with color on the walls. I'm giddy for ShareSpace as a community for all of us to share our ideas and inspiration! Thank you again!

    By Mallory Colliflower on 12/19/2011 flag

  • It's brave and gorgeous, congrats! And glad you're inspired by Sharespace. Janice

    By Janice Simonsen on 12/21/2011 flag

  • It's stunning! What is the name of the beautiful, bold, blue color on the walls??? LOVE it!! Would look perfect in our guest room with the white furniture we have in there.

    By Sarah Gennett on 1/1/2012 flag

  • Hi Sarah! The color is from Behr and called Tropical Skies, number S-H-530. Here's a little more background on the room. Good luck with your guest room! allory-is-a-room-ever-finished/

    By Mallory Colliflower on 1/4/2012 flag

  • i love that wall color

    By Sylvia on 2/15/2013 flag