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Product Stories: NORDLI modular chest

Most furniture comes in a specific size that needs to fit your space. But shouldn’t it be the other way around?

That’s why we’ve developed and designed NORDLI, a chest of drawers that is modular – like building blocks – so it perfectly fits your home and maximises your space. It was designed for the bedroom, but it works anywhere – from offering living room storage to a low seating bench with drawers for the hallway.

NORDLI inspiration

NORDLI can even be sized to suit your unique space – from two drawers to as big as you wish. Build it high with up to six drawers or build it wide depending on your needs and preferences.

NORDLI has another clever, built-in feature. Some older homes have lots of “charm and character” – which can mean uneven floors. Just adjust the feet of your NORDLI individually so it stands up straight – even in the most charming homes. 

NORDLI inspiration 2

To explore more options on how to use NORDLI in your home, click here. 

NORDLI inspiration 3

For anyone looking for a real and exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes of the famous IKEA thinking and design, this story gives a glimpse into the process that stands for the unexpected, the unusual and the quirky. Come back next month to see what we’ll talk about next.


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  • We just sold our old bedroom furniture and upgraded to the Nordli. Love it. No more wasted space in between or around drawers. The drawers are super deep & use all the space there is. Originally, we'd bought the Nordli a few years ago when we first saw it, & it was for our sons room, with how well it worked, we wanted it too. I do have just one little request. IKEA, if you're reading this, please make a top & base for the new 3 drawer skinny Nordli drawers so I can make one a nightstand.

    By Helen M-k on 2/8/2017 flag

  • NORDLI – clever design, great style, and most important quite useful. Alex -

    By FlatPackAssembly on 2/14/2017 flag

  • Nice

    By chirusingh on 2/16/2017 flag