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Small Space Entertainment

Living in a small home or apartment presents many challenges like how to furnish it so that’s it’s not cramped and what kind of storage will best fight clutter. Entertaining guests at home may seem impossible when it feels like you only have enough space for yourself and all your stuff! But, with a bit of creative thinking, thoughtful planning, and the help of a few smart products, there isn’t any small space challenge that can’t be met. Below are some tips and product suggestions that may just inspire you to start sending out the e-vites!

1. Decide what type of party you’d like to have based on your guest list or base your guest list on what type of party you’d like to have. If you’d like to have a dinner party, take a look at how many people can sit comfortably and invite accordingly. If there are twenty people you want to have over, perhaps a cocktail party with hors d’oevres would be more feasible than a sit down meal.

2. Keep it simple. Don’t take up a lot of space with providing a selection of every type of food and drink you can think to offer. For example, by making pitchers of a signature cocktail, you won’t need a lot of surface space for different bottles and mixers. It’ll also allow your guest to flow to and from easily, without getting clogged at the bar.

3. Choose smart, well designed products that help maximize space and minimize effort. Here are a few suggestions:

Extendable or gate-leg dining tables - Some extendables start seating at 2-4 and open to expand seating to 8-10 people. A gate-leg table, like NORDEN can serve as a temporary buffet, then fold down to mere inches when not in use.
Stackable stools - Can be used as extra seating or small tables. Three stacked take up no more space than one stool. MARIUS stools come in white, black, pink or blue.
Kitchen carts - Like BYGEL utility cart, a small kitchen cart can provide extra storage space or surface for food prep. When guests are over, it can be a little bar on wheels!
Tiered serving stands and trays - Tiered serving stands, like IKEA 365+ serving platter, make the most of it’s space on the table by going vertical, allowing for a wider offering of goodies. Trays are awesome for easy passing of hors d’oevres and drinks from kitchen to living space, especially when you don’t have much room in the kitchen for guests to gather. They’re easy to put away, and pretty ones can be hung as wall art.

Do you have small space entertainment tips? Please share :)


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