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Design Series: Safari Style

Unleash your wild side and bring the spirit of an African safari into your home!  Earth tones and colors inspired by nature, from its land to its animals, provide a base for the theme. Look for solids and prints in neutrals like ivory, khaki, amber, browns, grays and blacks, as well as animal and tribal motifs to set the theme.

Light or dark toned living room furnishings

Light or dark toned furnishings are equally well-suited to create the right atmosphere. Look for rustic and handcrafted pieces made from woven rattan and bamboo to add character. Canvas, linen and leather add texture. 

Living room furniture: Nature-based colors

Nature-based colors enhance the safari atmosphere. For a warmer look, choose shades that call to mind a sunrise or sunset, such as golden-yellow and burnt orange. Incorporate an African vibe with sculptures, wall art, woven baskets and textiles. And don’t forget to tie it all in with lush, tropical plants, as well as banana, palm and rubber trees.

Living Room Inspiration

Safari style product collage

Clockwise: JASSA screen, SOMMAR fabric, RAVENEA potted plant, LAUTERS floor lamp base and NYMO shade, RADVIKEN woven chair, KOLDBY cowhide, JASSA rug, KRAGSTA coffee table, SKOLD sheepskin cushion cover, SOMMAR cushion cover, SOMMAR lantern, JASSA decorative woven vase, BJÖRKSTA framed print, NOCKEBY sofa.

Office safari style - director’s chair

Commonly known today as a director’s chair, this piece is very popular in achieving the safari look. It is based on the British military style of foldable and collapsible furniture from the 19th century, known as Campaign furniture. The military used these pieces for their barracks, while on lengthily missions in India and South Africa, going from battleground to battleground.

Dining Room Inspiration

Dining room - safari style product collage

Left to right: SINNERLIG pendant, EDELVIK poster, BUSKTOFFEL roller blind, SOMMAR curtains, SOMMAR placemat, DRACAENA-MARGINATA potted plant, NÖDVÄNDIG bowl, BJÖRKSNÄS dining table and chair, STOCKHOLM rug, KOLDBY cowhide, SUCCULENT plant, STOCKHOLM bamboo cabinet 

Pinterest source safari style

Image source: Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed reading about Safari style and how to achieve it, and watch in the upcoming months for more articles on IKEA design ideas for your home.

Till next time!


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