This week’s pick is Scott Springer’s space savvy living room.

Talk about a multi-functional space! This room is used for tons of activities, including dining, relaxing in front of the TV and working on the computer. I like a couple of the tricks Scott used to keep the space functional and open.

He created separate “zones” by positioning the couch towards one of the walls. The long back of the couch then creates a pathway between the dining and seating area. He also uses small rugs to help define two specific spaces.

Scott built a work station into the space by using BESTÅ cabinets which blend into the walls.  The desk disappears behind doors and takes a back seat to the other functions in the room.
Did I mention how much I covet the Eames lounge and shell rocking chair? Like all mid-century modern furnishings, they need some space around them to show off their beautiful forms, so I’m glad Scott limited the furnishings in the room. (The cool cat peeking out from behind the chair, however, can stay.)

It looks like this is a work in progress, with additional items ready to be placed on walls and shelves. To keep items looking uncluttered and organized, I’d recommend he continue using neutral storage boxes to hide clutter, or possibly add additional cabinets with doors for the top row of storage.

Keep up the good work Scott!


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