Is one of your New Year's resolutions to get organized?  Mine is, but it can be difficult to clear that clutter if you don't know where to start.  Before you begin, remember it's not only about hiding the clutter. It's about having a plan to store the items in an accessible place, have it out on display, or keep them somewhere so you can easily remember where it is later.

Below are 5 simple steps in keeping your space organized and headache free:

1. Sort your things. Group the things you want to organise into categories by family member, by activity or by function.
2. Reduce the amount. This reduces the space you need and makes it easier to see and reach the stuff you really use.

3. Assign a place. Store things close to where you will use them, and keep similar things together.         
4. Count and measure. This helps you figure out exactly how much and what kind of storage you need.

5. Choose a storage solution. This helps you make the most of all the space you have and eliminate wasted space.

Now that you've seen our tips on staying organized, let us know some of yours!


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