Like most people interested in design, I love to peruse a good “before” and “after” project. So I really appreciate that Flaka showed us where she started out, and where she ended up in her dramatic kitchen transformation.Take a look at the “before” photo. There’s your basic, contractor’s choice “neutral” style oak cabinets with an off-white laminate top—safe but uninspiring. Bland neutral flooring. Empty spaces left in the layout, awaiting the arrival of standard appliances. There’s not a single element that reflects the slightest bit of the occupant’s personality. (Unfortunately, it looks like a larger version of almost every place I rented in the ‘80s and ‘90s.)
Now look at the amazing “after.” The deep, rich color of the RAMSJÖ brown/black cabinets and the dark wood floors add a sense of luxury and opulence to the design, as do the thick granite countertops. To keep the kitchen from looking too dark overall, the island is created with white cabinets. I know some people might hesitate to mix cabinet colors: Isn’t that against the rules? Not at all. By using off-white and gray counters and backsplash, enough of the color elements are repeated to make the design work. The lighter island also keeps the kitchen from looking crowded.

And check out the updated appliances. A NUTID microwave oven & oven combo and a French-door refrigerator with a lower freezer? This looks like a kitchen for a serious cook who enjoys parties, fun and entertainment. I admit it, I’m jealous.

The chandelier is a wonderful finishing touch, adding warmth and character to the whole kitchen and a nice sparkle of reflective light above the glossy granite.

Congrats, Flaka! When’s dinner?


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  • Love this kitchen, great job! Can you tell me what is the name of the granite countertops you used and the tiles as a backsplash?

    By Foskolos on 1/31/2012 flag

  • The backsplash- Home Depot marble kitchen subway tiles Granite countertops- it's called Antartide

    By Flaka on 1/31/2012 flag

  • Awesome job!!! Can you please tell me where did you get the chandeliers?

    By ppassion on 2/1/2012 flag


    By Flaka on 2/2/2012 flag

  • How much did all the cabinets cost?

    By KSanchez on 2/11/2012 flag

  • What did you use for the island as well?!

    By KSanchez on 2/11/2012 flag

  • What did you use for the island as well?!

    By KSanchez on 2/11/2012 flag