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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. According to the non-stop commercials that seem to run on every station about a month prior to the event, you would think that nothing short of elaborate getaway plans and expensive jewelry is required for the occasion. Now, for the record, jewelry is always appreciated! But there are many other ways to celebrate the day without breaking the bank. 

It’s really all about setting the mood and appealing to the senses. To prove this, my editor and friend Katy Lee and I decided to put together a gift basket with IKEA products that can be used to create a sensual and romantic Valentine’s Day.

Below is a list of all the lovely goodies that fit in the box:

Start with the sense of smell. Fragrances like jasmine and rose create a sense of calm and inspire feelings of romance. The scent of vanilla is uplifting and is said to have an aphrodisiac effect. That’s why we’ve tucked the RANDIG candles into the basket. Plus, everyone looks nicer in candlelight! Get the mood started by lighting up a few of these lovelies.

Taste and food are also essential to a romantic evening. Start off by pouring a glass of champagne or sparkling cider into a pretty pair of NÄRHET champagne flutes. And did you know that eating chocolate releases endorphins that make people happy and makes the brain respond much in the same way as being in love? End a romantic meal with a decadent dessert of chocolate fondue to keep the mood going throughout the night.

Hearts have long been associated with romance and love. You can easily create a special vision of love by placing a cinnamon heart on a handmade cappuccino using BLOSSANDE coffee accessories, baking a heart shaped cake with pink icing with the SOCKERKAKA baking mold or simply filling your love’s drink with PLASTIS heart shaped ice cubes.

Finally, feather the nest and appeal to the sense of touch with soft cushions and throws in the color red, long used to symbolize romantic love. Set the table with FANTASTISK red paper napkins and sweet red roses or go all out and transform your bedroom into an island retreat with a romantic BRYNE net canopy draped from the ceiling.

It’s not about spending money; it’s really about showing your love with small but important details, and then making time to enjoy them together. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  • *you're, *you're, and *you're (grammar alert)

    By Kiki Baker on 2/9/2012 flag

  • You are right about the smells! Jasmine Tea is a big seller around Valentine's Day. Monks Blend is a tea made with vanilla and it also is a big seller. Teas, chocolates, and coffees in a gift bag make a great gift. (Spam alert) If your in Pittsburgh check out Margaret's Fine Imports for a gift bag and while you are there notice that a shelf or two and a lot of the tea jars come from IKEA.

    By on 9/2/2012 flag