This week’s pick is Jaimie’s vintage-furnished bedroom.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Use things you love in your home and you can’t go wrong.

Jaimie loved some of the furniture she inherited from her husband’s family.  She also wanted to embrace her all-time favorite bedroom color—green. Here’s what she did to bring the two elements together in a fresh and bright bedroom.
First, she started by centering the distinctive mid-century style dresser on the bold green wall.  She kept the accessories limited—a simple mirror above and a small green plant on top. This keeps the focus on the dresser and allows it to remain in the spotlight.

Next, she limited the color scheme to muted shades of white and brown with accents of green. This creates a nice color balance in the room and keeps the bold green from becoming too overwhelming.

I’m loving that white, Moorish-style headboard for the bed! It really stands out against the green wall and, along with the all ALINA bedspread and OFELIA VASS white bedding, adds a calming touch to the room. The muted white and brown area-rug adds to this overall effect.

Finally, she customized two RAST pine dressers by staining them with a coordinating color to the wood furnishings. Placing them symmetrically on either side of the bed, along with the matching white table lamps, adds balance and a bit of formality to the room.

I love it too, Jaimie!


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