This week’s pick is Sara Peluso’s inventive solution for a brother/sister “sharespace.”

IKEA does a lot of digging and asks a lot of questions to understand how people really live at home. Our recent research shows more families are either moving to smaller homes, or have become multi-generational in recent years. So, an increasingly common challenge facing many families is designing a bedroom which will be shared by two family members. The task is even trickier when age, sex or individual tastes are different, as is the case with Sara’s children.One important functio a bedroom is to provide a private sanctuary. Sara used the EXPEDIT bookcase as a room divider so each child has a clearly defined, personalized space. The bookcase provides storage and privacy by using doors and drawers on the very girly side. The pegboard (very clever!) attached to the bookcase on the truck-lover’s side creates a privacy wall and extra parking space. The drapery by the desks could easily be extended to privatize the room even more, as would curtains around the loft bed.
The use of the loft bed on the boy’s side is a good choice since it opens up his space to provide additional play room. Most important, each child has a place to play, a desk for study and a private sleep space they can call their own.

Great ideas, Sara!


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